Pacific Scandal

The Pacific Scandal took place between the years 1872-1873. This took place when John a Mac Donald received a document that stated Sir Hugh Allen bribed Mac Donald. At the same time, Allen received a contract by allowing his organization to construct the Canadian Pacific Railway. Then followed by the Mac Donald was taken out of the office and automatically replaced by the George Brown. Here a clear revenge took place; Mac Donald came to know about it. On the other side of the flip Brown’s government went into the massive debt because they failed to manage the railroad building. The greater deal is to enhance the goods coming from the United States including the free trade laws with Britain. This, in turn, crippled the Canadian Economy in a severe manner. Then Mac Donald used this chance and invented a new set of ideas; where there was a chance to raise the Canadian economy. There was an encouragement of the interprovincial trade, reduction of the tariffs etc. He also planned to enhance the speed at which they built the railroad so that folks could settle the plains; where the folks loved these ideas and again reelected him.